Welcome to San Francisco

52 Hours drive, a couple of overflowing suitcases, and two hearts full of hopes and dreams. California welcomed my husband and I on January 26th, 2018 with blue skies and 70 (F) degrees weather.

My life in a few sentences: I grew up in Italy, met my better half while I was an exchange student at his high school, took separate ways for about a year, then permanently moved to  the US to give this life across the pond a real shot. Spent the first 5 years in NYS where I quickly dived into adulthood while in this beautiful town surrounded by waterfalls, wineries, and most of my favorite people.

When we finally gathered the courage and the funds to move across the Country we landed in sunny San Francisco, CA. How we picked this area is a story for another time. Now I am taking my time exploring this exciting City and I have created this website to document my journey.

Photography has become one my biggest passions. I am relatively new to it, I don’t know a lot about it but I am learning and I am trying. If all else fails, I am having FUN.


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