When it rains …

It takes a certain type of person to love a rainy day and I don’t always advocate for it but sometimes a gloomy day makes for a much more magical experience. This time around we got out of our concrete jungle and hiked one of the most beautiful trails I have been on thus far. We started from Ocean Beach → Lands End → Baker Beach → Golden Gate Bridge.

I can hardly find the words to describe the beauty I witnessed. The ocean, the big puffy clouds, the timid sun, it was all just incredible. This trail was not too crowded and the temperature was just right for a relaxed stroll. We were in no rush and had to stop many times for photos because it just got better and better. I just couldn’t help myself.

Every time I’m faced with the immensity of nature I feel so small and so overwhelmed. It’s a liberating feeling; It gives you perspective and we all need a little reality check from time to time. I still have to pinch myself to realize that I’m not dreaming. I have a hard time accepting that some things work out only when the time is right. I’m not implying that you should wait for miracles to fall on your lap but while you work hard and persevere to see your visions come true, be forgiving with yourself if things don’t turn out the way you want them right away. It took us years to make this move a reality and a lot of sacrifices, and it’s still far from perfect.

Life gets in the way more often then not but try to show up anyways. Don’t always wait for every little detail to be perfect. We are all flawed and it’s okay. This year I am challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone and while this might put me in situations where old me would have cringed at the only idea, present me is showing up and making memories while at it.



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